Canterbury Farm White Lace
AMHA 119851 AMHR 257340A
Sire: Pauls Little Chief Penny A37911 Sire: Soats Lil Chief Toy Ya A16694
Dam: Hicks Lucky Penny A TR I 00519B
Dam: Bryland Farms Black Lace A49890 Sire: Parrs Little Man A04980
Dam: Dell Teras Charlene A26256

Canterberrys Diamond Lil
AMHA 110615 AMHR 257409A

Sire: Starchief Dapper Dandy A64872 Sire: Danton A26725
Dam: Trios Barbie Doll A08150
Dam: Taps Choice Champagne And Diamonds A65815 Sire: Brewers Stans Choice A19369
Dam: Komokos Little Chi Chi A20386

Ovation Farms Painted Plum
AMHA 155336

Sire: Stonehenge Painted Feather A51043 Sire: Soats Lil Gunsmoke A10769
Dam: Laundrys Cowboys Painted Lady A16790
Dam: Rhims Plumb Jill A88294 Sire: Plumbar Cashew A20708
Dam: R GS Jill A63468

Fergies Tri Colored Beauty
AMHA 110791

Sire: Fergies Lucky Medecine Hat A81821 Sire: Oak Forrest Wild Streak A29912
Dam: East Acres Blaze A39645
Dam: Fishers Frosted Ellusion A25745 Sire: Crescents Scottie A08177
Dam: Fishers Elaine A TR I 02023

PHOTO COMING SOON L & MS Poco Cheracota Lass
AMHA 101521

Sire: OMP Poco Pizzazz A52022 Sire: Oak Forrest Pizzazz A28965
Dam: NL Angel A19666
Dam: Deer Creeks Bo Bette A53499 Sire: Wagoners Bocefus A27714
Dam: Elsas Penny A27806

NFCS Geta Light
AMHA 02741 AMHR260398A

Sire: Red Lantern Light Vant Huttenest AMHA TR I 00369 Sire: Cracker Jack
Dam: Jesusbelle Vant Huttenest AMHA 03338
Dam: Gita Van Double Dutch AMHA 12773 Sire: George
Dam: Majorca

CN Golden Caliente
AMHA 79267 AMHR243446A

Sire: Toyland Valiente A50277 Sire: Toyland Domino A39016
Dam: Toyland Pixie Patches A22816
Dam: Pegasus Farms Golden Rain Drops A39416 Sire: Just Frankie A10070
Dam: The Gold Nugget A TR IT02582

Canterburys Mystical Dream
AMHA 128947 AMHR 260403A

Sire: Kobecks Charlie Brown A91153 Sire: Pauls Little Chief Penny A37911
Dam: Kobecks Summer Breeze A17407
Dam: My Sweet Burnadette A71889 Sire: Pistols Casey Branaman AMHA TR I 01331
Dam: Joyce A11282

  Windhaven Darling Mystic Shadow
AMHA 144621 AMHR240474A

Sire: Scott Creeks Mystic Scout Me Out A112980 Sire: Brewers orion Mystic A17415
Dam: Scott Creeks Silver Ribbon A68400
Dam: Pences Little Spot A08759 Sire: J JS Little Macho AMHA TR R 03724
Dam: JA

PHOTO COMING SOON Magic Christine A Dee
AMHA 157381 AMHR 280375A

Sire: Magic Mans Top Buck A114714 Sire: Magic Man Of LTDS A66983
Dam: Santanas Premium Lace A83475
Dam: Still R Dees Delight A21797 Sire: Shady Acres Little JoJo AMHA TR I 01931
Dam: Still R Dee Dee A 10328

PHOTO COMING SOON Hunt House Farms Rowdys Mist
AMHA 89636 AMHR257334A

Sire: Bond Spunky Spirit A05090 Sire: Bond Bulldog A TR R 0014P
Dam: Bond Baffles A TR R 02144P
Dam: Hunt House Farmms Real Rowdy A 42700 Sire: Rowdy A03622
Dam: Texans T Prissy Belle A 07114